Tower Space 3000 pure Collagen

In combination with the vibraNano plate the clean collagen light is able to reach depth effects. The regeneration of the body’s own collagen is highly stimulated. Sensational anti-aging effects and a slim body are the result after regular use. But the space3000 pureCollagen makes not only beautiful, it is also a nice device. The deep drawn door design with its bright brilliant colors and high gloss white lacquer finish of the side parts symbolize refined elegance and fit perfectly into any studio.

Just 10 Minutes for beauty and body- offer a new anti-aging- revolution to your customers. Revitalization of the skin, re-modeling of lines and wrinkles and prevention of wrinkles. The double effect of the Tower space3000 pureCollagen opens new target groups: Women with beauty affinity and men who wants to keep their bodies beautiful, fit and young. vibraNano strengthens in just 10 minutes of exercise fitness and body awareness. The three different programs relaxation, wellness and fitness can be chosen from your customers for individual fitness goals. Top in shape from day to day.

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