medTan Alpha Deluxe

Relax and tan with light like velvet and silk – that is the new medTan alpha deluxe made with the proven premium technology from KBL.

Relaxing green light stimulates the immune system and helps fight fatigue. The uv-light in the medTan alpha deluxe also stimulates the production of vitamin D and has numerous positive effects on our health. For example, vitamin D generated through sunlight protects against infections, osteoporosis, numerous types of cancer, high blood pressure, strokes or skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis – just to name a few of the positive effects. By the way, it also provides the skin with a nice tan.

40 collagen boosters in the top half of the solarium give back the moisture, firmness and elasticity the sensitive skin in the face and neck area has lost over the years.

In combination with green light, the medTan alpha deluxe is the perfect solarium for fitness, well-being and vitality. Green is the colour of nature. Green light calms, harmonises, inspires, relaxes and has a positive effect on our bodies. It makes us feel fit, strengthens and relaxes/ and calmly strengthens our immune system – great-feeling skin and a nice tan are guaranteed.

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